End to End Optical Fibre Network (OFC) Network Roll-out

DEPL is one of the leading Telecom (Passive) Infrastructure Provider for Telco’s and have IP-1 Infrastructure Provider license. As of now DEPL have presence in 16 States of India. DEPL is one of the Most-Preferred Execution Partner among India’s leading Telecom Operators like (Airtel, BSNL, Reliance Jio, Vodafone, Idea Cellular, Tata Communications etc…) for expansion of their network with Quality, Safety and State of art technologies. We at DEPL provides the Complete Turnkey Construction Services for NLD, Intra-city & FTTx Network roll-out. Scope of Optical Fiber Cable construction works includes Site Survey, BOQ Preparation, End to End Right Of Way (RoW), Trenching & Ducting, Installation of Chambers, Blowing and Splicing, End to End Link Testing and Operation & Maintenance of Network.

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At DEPL we have below Services to Offer:
  • OFC Network Roll-out for Telco
  • OFC Network Roll-out as Infrastructure Provider
  • Duct Leasing
  • Fiber Pair Leasing
  • FTTx Rollout
  • OFC Roll-out for Smart City
  • Operation & Maintenance of Passive OSP Network

Operation & Maintenance of OFC Network

We at DEPL endeavour to provide qualitative, dependable and responsive solutions for the maintenance requirements in the telecom industry. The networks administered and maintained by us are kept in excellent conditions via the use of regular preventative and corrective maintenance carried out on-site by our technically qualified, skilled & experienced service engineers, Fiber Restoration Team (FRT) and Patrollers. Our preventative maintenance includes planning and proactive maintenance, which allows us to guarantee a network quality second to none. Our corrective maintenance in turn includes field adjustments to restore functionality to the network components and connections, with troubleshooting appointments in line with the customer’s service level requirements. The teams provided by us are project specific and are well trained with the specific skills required for maintenance in the communications industry. The ‘Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) Services of DEPL have always been held in very high regard by DEPL’s customers.

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Gas & Electricals

DEPL undertakes laying of MDPE Pipelines, GI & ERW Pipelines, Installation of Service Regulators, Copper Piping for providing PNG inside the kitchens of Domestic & Non-domestic Customers of Mahanagar Gas Ltd. under their City Gas Distribution Project..

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